Selfless Pilots Save Thousands of Homeless Animals Each Year (Grab a Tissue Before Reading)

When it comes to helping homeless pets, most of us adopt a pet, donate money to an animal cause, or volunteer at a shelter. Pilots, on the other hand, take it a step further. At least 2,500 pilots literally save homeless pets from death each week. When they hear about an animal that’s about to be euthanized, they fly to the animal, pick it up, and fly it to another shelter, where it can have a second chance at life. Those selfless animal-loving pilots are part of a non-profit organization called Pilots N Paws.

Debi Boies and her Doberman [Image source]

It all started in 2007 when a South Carolina animal rescuer named Debi Boies found a Doberman destined for death row in Florida. She wanted to adopt it, so she asked her pilot friend, Jon Wehrenberg, to fly to Florida and bring it back for her. Wehrenberg happily obliged, and when he returned, a light bulb lit up over his head. He asked Boies, “Is there a need for this? Do you need to move animals through animal rescue work?”

Soon, Pilots N Paws was born. Today, six years later, the organization has over 2,500 pilots flying all over the country. They have close relationships with nearly 12,000 animal rescue workers. To date, the lives of thousands and thousands of animals have been saved.

Not only does Pilots N Paws work with homeless pets, they also grant wishes for dying people whenever they can. Just a year ago, a cancer-stricken man in Pittsburgh who had only a few days left to live expressed his dying wish: to have his dog, Bailey, at his side. Bailey was 1,100 miles away, at the man’s home in Florida. When the man’s hospice caretaker found out about his wish, he contacted Pilots N Paws. The organization rolled up their sleeves and began making arrangements to fly Bailey to his loving owner. Because general aviation pilots couldn’t cover 1,100 miles alone, they needed multiple pilots who could fly 250 miles each. Four pilots – Rob Takacs, John Lee, Brad Childs, and Rob McMaster – stepped up and worked together to grant the dying man’s last wish. Bailey’s owner was able to spend three days with her until he passed away.

Roger and Bailey [Image source]

Pilots N Paws is a remarkable group that inspires everyone everywhere. They always go the extra mile, each and every time. If you visit their website, you’ll see countless tear-jerking stories about the animals they’ve rescued. One story in particular is about Trooper, an adorable pup who had two of his legs amputated as a result of being shot and left for dead in Indiana. Fortunately, he was saved and flown to Rochester, New York, where he found his forever home with a family who loved him. I know, I know…

Pilots N Paws is definitely an organization that deserves nationwide attention. The least we could do is to spread the word about them! So please tell everyone you know about those wonderful pilots and their selfless, heroic actions! This can result in more animals like Trooper being saved and more wishes like Roger’s to be granted.

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