Love Animals? Throw Your Next Party at an Animal Shelter!

So you have a party coming up. You look all over town for an affordable venue only to come up blank. You then consider your own living space and try to figure out whether or not you can pull off a comfortable and lively party without angering your neighbors. Once you realize that there’s no way to keep your nosy Uncle Irwin from going through your medicine cabinet, you throw your hands up in the air and say, “I give up!”

Don’t pack up your party decorations, curl up in a ball, and cry yourself to sleep just yet! There’s still one place you haven’t looked…

Your local animal shelter.

Not a lot of people know this, but many animal shelters offer party space for a small fee or sometimes even for free. That’s right, you can have your family and friends venture out to a shelter and play with homeless animals while sipping eggnog or singing “Happy Birthday”!

Forget games and toys; there will be homeless animals ready to brighten up everyone’s day! Not only does partying with shelter animals sound like a lot of fun, there are many more ways you and everyone else can benefit from a shelter party.

It’s cheap.

The tax deductible party space rental fee varies between shelters, but it’s usually a tiny fraction of the cost you would pay at a traditional venue or restaurant. Sometimes it’s even free! Call your local animal shelter for a quote (and get ready to say, “that’s it?!”)

You won’t end up overdosing on gifts.

Let’s face it. Do you need another t-shirt? Does little Johnny really need another Wii game? If owning more stuff is the last thing you need, an animal shelter party is the perfect solution. You can ask each of your guests to bring something small for the homeless animals in lieu of a gift for you or your child. This is also a great opportunity to teach selflessness to others, especially children.

A little girl named Faith had her guests bring animal treats, food, and supplies to her animal shelter party. [Image source]

You’re giving homeless animals the rare opportunity to step outside of their cages and have fun.

Most homeless animals have forgotten what it’s like to live in a loving home full of toys, treats, and endless hugs. Some have never even gotten to experience that. They spend their days cooped up in their cages, wondering when they’ll ever get to play again. Throwing a party at an animal shelter means letting homeless animals out of their cages to mingle with your guests. You’re giving them a much-needed break from their desolate lives.

You’re helping the shelter in so many different ways.

For one, you’re bringing more attention to the shelter. Your guests will now know that the shelter exists, and since we’re in the age of social media, you bet your guests will be Tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagramming all about the shelter party. Your party alone will bring a lot of exposure to the shelter.

If you have to pay the shelter a small fee, you’re actually contributing to a good cause. Your money will go directly to the animals. That’s way better than forking over hundreds of dollars to some business owner who will probably spend the money on margaritas during a vacation in the Bahamas.

If you opt to have your guests bring food or toys for the animals, you’re helping the shelter take better care of their animals.

If you have your guests partake in crafty activities, you can have them make blankets, pillows, toys, or homemade treats for the animals.

A group of girls making pet beds at an animal shelter party. [Image source]

Your guests won’t ever forget the experience.

How many animal shelter parties have you been to? If you’ve been to one, have you ever forgotten it? Partying with shelter animals is such a rewarding and unforgettable experience that people will still be talking about it in the years to come. Your party might even be described as “the party of the year”!

And the most important benefit of all…

Maybe one of your guests will end up adopting a pet!

There’s a big possibility that one (or two, or three…) of your guests will fall in love with an animal at the party and adopt it. You’ll enjoy feeling like a matchmaker, and, more importantly, you’ll feel great for helping an animal (or two, or three…) find its forever home!