4 Things You Must Do if You Want Your Pet in Your Wedding

Most pet owners refer to their pets as their “furry children”, so it’s only natural that pets sometimes find themselves attending weddings. It’s not uncommon to find a bride enlisting her dog into the wedding party as her flower girl, or a groom standing at the altar with his pet snake wrapped around his arm. Okay, that might be a little unusual, but we’re seeing more and more furry (or scaled, or beaked) friends at weddings nowadays. If you want your beloved pet to be part of your special day, but if you’re not sure how to pull it off, please read on! We have 4 things you must do in order to pull off a successful wedding with your pet there.

Do your research.

Before officially making Fido part of your wedding party or guest list, you have to check and make sure the wedding venue allows pets. That means calling the place where the ceremony will take place, the reception site, and, if you’re having a destination wedding, the hotel where you want to keep your pet.

Also, make sure none of your guests is allergic to pets. If you find someone who’s allergic, and if you’re still adamant on including your furry (or scaled, or beaked) child, you can always arrange to keep the pet away from that person.

Appoint a handler.

Only a few things could disrupt a wedding more than a pet running around and possibly getting hurt or lost. Your pet may be the best-behaved pet in the world, but he may run into some problems at your wedding if there’s nobody watching him. Instead of asking a few of your guests to “keep an eye on Fido”, it might be a better idea to hire or appoint someone with the sole task of watching your pet. That person can also help transport your pet to and from the wedding, walk your pet down the aisle (if he’s part of your wedding party), feed your pet, and so many more things to help your wedding run smoothly.

Keep it toxic-free.

You’d be surprised at how many landscapers use pesticides or toxic plants. Make sure the lawn and the plants on the grounds of the wedding venue are safe for animal consumption. Plus, if you’re planning on adorning your pet with flowers or garlands, make sure the flowers are edible and toxic-free. Be sure to ask your guests not to feed your pet during the reception, and have your pet’s handler keep an eye out for any stray pieces of food left on the floor.

Be creative!

Some pets, especially cats, would rather go to the V-E-T than to be in a room full of strangers. If you feel that your wedding wouldn’t be the same without your pet, but don’t want to subject him to any discomfort, you can consider other ways to include him in your wedding. For instance, you can adorn the tables at your wedding reception or photo slideshow with pictures of your pet. You can also write your pet into the vows, or even have someone bring your pet only to the ceremony so he can be photographed with the wedding party. There are many ways to tell your wedding guests how much your pet means to you without having him present at the ceremony.

Good luck, and congratulations on your nuptials!